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About Us

A Little About Us


Australia is an exciting and beautiful place, a land of friendly people, amazing experiences and breathtaking natural beauty. As a fun-loving nation known for its laid-back attitude and unrivalled outdoor lifestyle, Australia is the place for an unforgettable holiday. Australia is also home to some of the greatest sports people and most spectacular events in the world.

Come See Do combines Australia’s best sports people with its natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle to create unforgettable sporting experiences. We use the best coaches, venues and partners to deliver a first-class training and event experience for those wanting to feel like a professional.

We strive to deliver an outstanding experience so that you can not only live out your sporting dream but also have the holiday of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful destinations on earth.

If you love to swim, ride or run, there is no place like Australia, so Come See Do!

A Word From The Founder – Andy Minahan


I love to surf and cycle and swim and climb and run. As an Aussie, I take these activities for granted.

We are so lucky to live in a country blessed with plenty of space, a comfortable climate and boundless natural resources. We are active, and as a result, Australia is home to some of the greatest sports people in the world.

Over several years working in the tourism and events industry I have seen the growth in participation sports. I have also seen the barriers to participation in countries that suffer from congestion and pollution and lack the depth of knowledge in sports we take for granted.

So I decided to offer a service – Come See Do – and invite everyone, of all ages and abilities, to Come to Australia, See how we train, and have fun being active like we Do!